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Does near win affect people's investment behavior? : evidence from Chinese lottery game check Full Text
Wang, Jin Yuan, Jia 2018. Master
Does Macao suffer from Dutch disease? : effects of gambling booms on the Macao economy
Ke, Jing Ying 廖振華 2007. Master
Does hedging matter for household finance? : evidence from hedging housing price risks with exchange traded options check Full Text
Bao, Li Cheung, Ming Yan 2017. Master
Does family background affect students' academic performance in Macau? : evidence from PISA 2012
Wong, Wai Keong 廖振華 2016. Master
Does external assurance of CSR disclosure affect the relationship of CSR disclosure and earings quality? (Evidence in China) check Full Text
Hoi, Sou Sam Yeun, Chun Yip 2015. Master
Does experiential marketing affect the behavior of luxury product consumers in the Macau market? check Full Text
Wong, Chio U Sy-Changco, Joseph Adea 2014. Master
Does European Union need an institutional change for migration and asylum policy? : an analysis in the context of refugee crisis in 2015 check Full Text
Han, Xiang Zhi Telo, Mario 2018. Master
Does customer concentration affect the information content of bank loan announcements? : evidence from China check Full Text
Zhou, Wen Ya Liu, Ming 2020. Master
Does Chinese macro economy environment influence cryptocurrency exchange rate volatility? : an analysis on Bitcoin exchange rate using GARCH-MIDAS check Full Text
Yang, Qiu Guang Tang, Heng 2019. Master
Does Chinese first lady matter in diplomacy? : a comparative study check Full Text
Qiu, Bao Die Song Weiqing 2018. Master
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