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Censorship and poetics in audiovisual translation : a case study of the three Chinese translations of Mr & Mrs Smith
Lam, Sut I Li, Jian 2012. Master
Cell-mimics enhanced targeted delivery of thrombolytic tPA for thromboembolic stroke treatment
Quan, Xing Ping Zhao, Yonghua 2024. Doctoral
Cell survival and lineage specification in human embryonic stem cells check Full Text
Godoy Parejo, Carlos Chen, Guo Kai 2020. Doctoral
Cell fate specification of definitive endoderm progenitors from human pluripotent stem cells check Full Text
Zhang, Yu Meng Chen, Guo Kai 2022. Doctoral
Celastrol niosome hydrogel has an anti-inflammatory effect by topical delivery on skin keratinocytes and circulation in imiquimod-induced psoriasis mice check Full Text
Qiu, Fen Zheng, Ying 2021. Master
CE analysis of active components in two selected herbal medicines check Full Text
Yang, Zhong Mei 趙靜 2014. Master
CBBC, short-selling and market volatility : Evidence from Hong Kong check Full Text
Xu, Chao Ran Lei, Cheuk Hung 2016. Master
CBBC, call auction sessions and price manipulations : evidence from Hong Kong stock exchange check Full Text
Cai, Meng Huan Lei Cheuk Hung 2018. Master
Cavity quantum electrodynamics of multi-qubit superconducting circuits check Full Text
Huan, Tian Tian Ian, Hou 2020. Doctoral
Cavitation erosion of the CoCrFeNi high entropy alloy
Hoi, Ka Chong Lo, Kin Ho 2023. Master
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