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Genome sequencing of Panax notoginseng reveals genes involved in ginsenoside biosynthesis and disease resistance check Full Text
Fan, Guang Yi Lee, Ming-Yuen 2019. Doctoral
Genome sequencing of Pelodera strongyloides reveals adaption to a facultative parasitic lifestyle check Full Text
Zhang, Meng Lei Wong, Garry 2020. Doctoral
Genome-guided investigation of the bioactive metabolite producing actinobacterial resources in mangrove ecosystem check Full Text
Hu, Di Ni Mok Kai Meng 2019. Doctoral
Genome-wide characterization of AreA function and regulation in Aspergillus nidulans check Full Text
Li, Ang Wong, Koon Ho 2020. Doctoral
Genomic insights into the evolution of Apostasia ramifera and Cistanche deserticola check Full Text
Zhang, Wei Xiong 胡豪 2022. Doctoral
Geoenvironmental characteristics of contaminated soil after different remediation treatments check Full Text
Liu, Fu Ming Zhou, Wan Huan 2019. Doctoral
Geologic profile estimation and reliability-based design for braced excavations check Full Text
Mu, Yu Zhou, Wan Huan 2017. Master
Geometrically invariant digital watermarking using robust feature detectors check Full Text
Yuan, Xiao Chen Pun, Chi Man 2013. Doctoral
Geosemiotics of Portuguese restaurants in Macau : space, place and third space as markers of a Macau identity check Full Text
Cheetham, Alison Kathleen Moody, Andrew Jackson 2015. Master
Geotechnical and microstructural properties of marine clay treated by nano zero-valent iron and polyacrylamides check Full Text
Chen, Yong Zhan Zhou, Wan Huan 2021. Doctoral
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