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The liability for damages in traffic accidents caused by autonomous vehicles in the P. R. C. /
Zhang Hua Neuwirth, Rostam J 2019 Master
Low-offset and low-noise comparators with calibration techniques /
Zhang Wai Hong Lu, Yan 2018 Master
Liberalization of banking service under GATS in China : an examination of the scope of obligation of China and the challenges relating to their domestic implementation /
Hu Qiong Min Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof 2009 Master
Legal issues relating to subsidies and countervailing measures with a specific reference to non-market economies and the case of China /
Shen Xin Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof 2009 Master
The linear canonical transform and generalized hilbert transform with applications in signal processing /
Liu Yue Lin Kou, Kit Ian 2009 Master
The legal issues and challenges relating to the exploration and exploitation of the outer space and implications for China /
Wang Qian Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof 2010 Master
legal-economic relationship between Bretton Woods institutions and World Trade Organization in the modern era of globalization : the challenges and impacts for the developing countries check Full Text
Junior, Manuel Guilherme 魏丹 2008 Master
Labor market discrimination against imported labor in Macau check Full Text
U, U Kwan Zheng, Ming Li 2008 Master
Lies of the mind in Sam Shepard's family plays check Full Text
Tong, Wai Fong Appler, Gilbert Keith 2008 Master
Legal issues of pathological gambling check Full Text
Lu, Dong Juan Godinho, Jorge A. F. 2008 Master

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