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Lead-free stable perovskite materials for photoelectric applications check Full Text
Zhao, Dan Dan Xing, Gui Chuan 2021. Doctoral
Lipid profile reprogramming in the regulation of ovarian cancer peritoneal metastasis check Full Text
Zhang, Qing Yu Lee, Tsz On 2020. Doctoral
Low-rank representation learning for denoising and multi-view clustering check Full Text
Chen, Yong Yong Zhou, Yi Cong 2020. Doctoral
Lipids modulate cellular states of human pluripotent stem cells check Full Text
Xu, Fa Xiang Chen, Guo Kai. 2021. Doctoral
Low-reference-spur integer-N RF phase-locked loop check Full Text
Yang, Zun Song Chen, Yong 2021. Doctoral
Low BER and modeling attack resilient strong PUF designs check Full Text
Liu, Jia Hao Chan, Chi Hang 2022. Doctoral
Long-term in vivo glucose monitoring by luminescent nanoparticles check Full Text
Liu, Jing Yuan, Zhen 2022. Doctoral
Laboratory and numerical investigation on the slurry infiltration in granular media considering viscosity effects check Full Text
Lu, Zhao Zhou, Wan Huan 2022. Doctoral
Low-power high-linearity and area-efficient switched capacitor filters design techniques in nanoscale CMOS check Full Text
Zhao, Yao Hua Martins, Rui Paulo 2015. Doctoral
Local topology of social networks in supporting recommendations and diversity identification of reviews check Full Text
Zou, Hai Tao Gong, Zhi Guo 2015. Doctoral
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