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論鄉土資源與莫言小說創作 check Full Text
張麗鳳 朱壽桐 2016. Doctoral
A comprehensive study on the biosynthesis pathways and angiogenesis effects of ginsenosides in panax notoginseng check Full Text
Yang, Bin Rui Lee, Ming-Yuen 2016. Doctoral
走向中唐 : 唐代士人轉型與文章體式 check Full Text
蔣金珅 楊義 2016. Doctoral
The impacts of international organizations on Macau
容凱旋 Hao, Yufan 2014. Doctoral
Transcriptome analysis of Zoanthids Palythoa and Photopalythoa : novel transcripts encoding toxin-like polypeptides and massive long noncoding RNAs check Full Text
Huang, Chen Lee, Ming-Yuen 2016. Doctoral
宋元明嶺南詞研究 check Full Text
李杰 楊義 2017. Doctoral
Competing regionalism in east Asia : economic interdependence and security dilemma check Full Text
Chua, Yee Hong Wang Jianwei 2017. Doctoral
城市化、語言使用、 語言態度和認同 : 東莞語言生活研究 check Full Text
張斌華 徐大明 2016. Doctoral
漢日被動句的認知語義對比研究 check Full Text
陳潔羽 陳訪澤 2017. Doctoral
A research on pharmaceutical innovation in China from the perspective of technology transfer check Full Text
Ni, Jing Yun 胡元佳 2016. Doctoral
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