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PFLL(Criminal Juridical Sciences) 000 (SAMPLE) 國際刑事政策視角下的跨國販賣人口犯罪研究
郭晶 趙國強 2012. Doctoral
PFLL(Comparative Law) 000 (SAMPLE) 煽動恐怖主義犯罪與言論自由保護 : 以 "明顯而即刻的危險原則" 適用為例
張一 李哲 2018. Doctoral
Racial contingency in Asian American theater : a critique on neoliberal multiculturalism check Full Text
Kong, Io Chun Appler, Gilbert Keith 2019. Doctoral
An exploration of traditional Chinese medicine as a potential source of mental health support in the Greater Bay Area of China check Full Text
Shen, Zhuo Zhuo Hall, Brian James 2020. Doctoral
論胡蘭成的文學行動及其影響 check Full Text
張冬明 朱壽桐 2015. Doctoral
Finite-time adaptive control theory for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems and its applications check Full Text
Sui, Shuai Chen, C. L. 2020. Doctoral
文學的女性主義 : 大中華語境中的女性主義文學思潮研究 check Full Text
劉群偉 朱壽桐 2015. Doctoral
Discovery of novel inhibitors of autophagic flux from pulchinenosides for breast cancer therapy check Full Text
Wang, Kai 何承偉 2020. Doctoral
論電影的文學性與 1980 年代中國電影轉型 check Full Text
王小波 朱壽桐 2020. Doctoral
Regulating street vendors in urban China : soft law enforcement, dirty institution, and adaptations of vendors check Full Text
Jiang, An Li 徐建華 2020. Doctoral

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