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Flexural strength and durability enhancements for cement-based materials by in situ polymerization of monomers check Full Text
Liu, Qing Li, Zongjin 2021. Doctoral
Cationic amino acid-modified camptothecin prodrugs with typical helix self-assembly for combination cancer therapy check Full Text
Guo, Zhao Pei 陳美婉 2020. Doctoral
A novel role of RNA processing in epithelial morphogenesis check Full Text
Zhang, Ruo Tong Zhang, Hong Jie 2020. Doctoral
Cell survival and lineage specification in human embryonic stem cells check Full Text
Godoy Parejo, Carlos Chen, Guo Kai 2020. Doctoral
論電影的文學性與 1980 年代中國電影轉型 check Full Text
王小波 朱壽桐 2020. Doctoral
A study of hyperspectral dorsal hand vein in biometrics check Full Text
Nie, Wei Zhang, Yi Bo 2020. Doctoral
Host-guest chemistry of amide naphthotubes and their applications in biomedicine check Full Text
Ma, Yan Long Wang, Rui Bing 2021. Doctoral
A study on chatbots and computer vision applications using social media mining check Full Text
Io, Hio Nam Lee, Chang Boon 2020. Doctoral
Numerical methods for inverse eigenvalue problems and nonlinear equations check Full Text
Wen, Chao Tao Sun, Hai Wei 2020. Doctoral
Polyoxometalates and polyoxometalate-derived nanoparticles supported by nanocarbon materials and their applications check Full Text
Miao, Jun Tang Zikang 2020. Doctoral

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