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Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix et Rhizoma extract and its ingredients protect against vascular integrity injury in multiple hemorrhagic stroke experimental models / check Full Text
Zhou, Zhong Yan Lee, Ming-Yuen 2021. Doctoral
Host-guest interactions mediated nanoassemblies for on-demand drug delivery / check Full Text
Yue, Lu Dan Wang, Rui Bing 2021. Doctoral
Stress intensity factor analysis of semi-elliptical cracks in functionally graded plates and crack propagation analysis of single-edge cracks in functionally graded titanium alloy components / check Full Text
Cao , Jin Long Kou, Kun Pang 2021. Doctoral
Corporate social reponsibility reporting of Chinese multinational enterprises : under the Belt and Road Initiative scenario / check Full Text
Zhang, Ruo Piao Noronha, Carlos 2021. Doctoral
Examining the role of English reading motivation, English reading strategy use and English vocabulary knowledge in Chinese college EFL students' English reading comprehension / check Full Text
Li, Hong Gan, Zheng Dong 2021. Doctoral
Risk and protective factors in adolescent substance use : comparing students of regular high schools and vocational high schools in China / check Full Text
Li, Jie Nan Li, De 2021. Doctoral
The exploration of the inner characteristics of gastric neuroendocrine carcinoma via a comprehensive and systematic comparison study : uncovering the potential targets and mechanism for overcoming chemoresistance / check Full Text
Chen, Peng Chen Kwok, Hang Fai 2021. Doctoral
Comparative analysis to identify cancer drivers in Brca1-associated murine mammary tumors / check Full Text
Hao, Wen Hui Deng, Chu Xia 2021. Doctoral
Deep learning for semantic understanding : from 2D images to 3D point clouds / check Full Text
Wong, Chi Chong Vong, Chi Man 2021. Doctoral
Attitudes of Guangzhou public toward criminal retrial : predictors and process from the relationism theory / check Full Text
Wang, Bing Ping Liu Jianhong 2021. Doctoral

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