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Gender politics and contemporary Chinese film : a comparative study of four film versions of the Butterfly Lovers' story check Full Text
Zhang, Yuan Schirato, Tony 2016. Doctoral
整合及制度化 : 唐前期道教研究 check Full Text
白照傑 賈晉華 2016. Doctoral
"一國兩制" 下的中央與特區關係研究 : 理論構建與制度完善 check Full Text
江華 駱偉建 2016. Doctoral
Semantic document exchange for electronic business through user-autonomous document sense-making check Full Text
Xiao, Guang Yi Guo, Jing Zhi 2015. Doctoral
Image modeling and manipulation based on texture analysis and synthesis check Full Text
Hao, Chuan Yan Wu, Enhua 2015. Doctoral
Chemical investigation on root barks of Oplopanax horridus
Huang, Wei Hua 李紹平 2012. Doctoral
Constructing a model for meaning-dimension interpreting quality assessment : from SFL perspective
Ouyang, Qian Hua 張美芳 2012. Doctoral
Analysis of components in water extract of ten valued traditional Chinese medicines using liquid chromatography system with multiple columns and detectors
Qian, Zheng Ming 李紹平 2012. Doctoral
Krylov subspace methods for matrix functions in exponential integrators and their applications check Full Text
Zhang, Lu, Sun, Hai Wei 2015. Doctoral
Scene reconstruction and object segmentation on video check Full Text
Chen, Ya Dang Wu, Enhua 2015. Doctoral

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