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Construction of multifunctional fluorescent biomaterials based on aggregation-state-sensitive fluorogens for biological applications check Full Text
Chen, Zhe Zhang, Xuan Jun 2020. Doctoral
Frequency domain system identification of linear time-invariant single-input single-output 2-dimensional systems and multi-input multi-output 1-dimensional systems by utilizing AFD type algorithms check Full Text
Wang, Xiao Yin Qian, Tao 2019. Doctoral
Transversal bandpass filter : a natural modularized filter check Full Text
Guo, Zai Cheng Zhu Lei 2019. Doctoral
Discovery of CDK9-cyclin T1 protein-protein interaction inhibitors for triple-negative breast cancer therapy check Full Text
Cheng, Sha Sha Leung, Chung-Hang 2022. Doctoral
Exploring efficient non-platinum electro-catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction check Full Text
Cao, Lu Jie Pan Hui 2019. Doctoral
Knowledge, attitudes and behavioural intentions related to advance care planning among university students in Macau, Hong Kong and China check Full Text
Lok, Ka In Xiang Yu Tao 2020. Doctoral
Nonlinear control and trajectory generation for a quadrotor with a cable suspended load check Full Text
Yu, Gan Silvestre, Carlos Jorge Ferreira 2022. Doctoral
自媒體侵犯隱私權的法律規制研究 check Full Text
高斌 稅兵 2021. Doctoral
Discovery of novel inhibitors of autophagic flux from pulchinenosides for breast cancer therapy check Full Text
Wang, Kai 何承偉 2020. Doctoral
Developing a fast and non-invasive optical technique for revealing cell death check Full Text
Yan, Ying Han Liu, Tzu-Ming 2022. Doctoral
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