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Explaining EU-US strategic difference after the Cold War : the case of Iran's nuclear issue /
Gong, Xi 2011. Master
Actions and constraints of the European Union as an international actor : the case of Former Yugoslav crisis /
Chen, Xi Ying Song Weiqing 2011. Master
Economic integration in Greater China : drawing lessons from European Union /
Yang, Zi Wei Wang Jianwei 2011. Master
Research on EU regional policy : its selective mechanisms, effects and role for EU integration, with reflections on its possible meaning for China /
Wang, Jia Meyer, Thomas 2011. Master
Poland's influence in the European Union, a perspective of the Eastern partnership /
Tong, Wei Chen, Xin 2011. Master
Import demands, term of trade effects and total factor productivity in Australia / check Full Text
Lam, Sut Ngo Wong, Ka Kei 2012. Master
The transformations of Vaisravana : the cult of Vaisravana in Khotan and medieval China / check Full Text
Wang, Yuan Tian 朱天舒 2012. Master
Savoring the hybrid : an ethnographic study of Guan Yin ritual and belief in Macao / check Full Text
Lei, Sao San Hodges, Benjamin Kidder 2011. Master
Shall we dance? : identity, sensation and futures in Macao's ballet community /
Cheang, Ka I. Hodges, Benjamin Kidder 2011. Master
Exploring the art of persuasion : an analysis of the appeal methods used in television advertising for children's food and beverage / check Full Text
Ren, Zhi Jie Chang, Wen Yu 2011. Master

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