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Understanding Chinese organizations through stories they recount
馬麗焆 Kong, Siew Huat 2005. Master
Transition to TQM in a partially ISO 9000 certified service organization in Macau
Ao, Mei Seong Noronha, Carlos 2004. Master
Impact of ISO 9000 quality system implementation in distribution division (CEM)
Cheang, Io Kit Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 2000. Master
Subcontracting networks in Macau : an exploratory study of the garment industry
Fidalgo, Maria Alexandra Martins Shaw, David S. 1998. Master
A poesia classica chinesa : uma leitura de traducoes portuguesas
姚京明, 1998. Master
Competitive analysis : a case study of the mobile telecommunication services industry in Hong Kong
Chiu, Wan Lan Nasol, Ramon Lino 2003. Master
Internet use of manufacturers in low-voltage electrical product market in China
Li, Fu Jian Wan, Guohua 2001. Master
Legitimacy of foreign direct investment activities in the Pearl River Delta
Xu, Feng Lu Lam, Long Wai 2005. Master
Factors influencing the purchase of tickets to cultural events
Chan, Ut Wa Taormina Robert J. 2003. Master
Electronic commerce for the small-to-medium enterprises in Macao : an exploratory study
Chu, Son I 2000. Master
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