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昆德拉小說中的 “遺忘” 主題研究 = The study of theme “Oblivion” in Milan Kundera’s novels check Full Text
柳艷嬌 龔剛 2015. Master
論嚴歌苓小說 "媽閣是座城" 中的賭徒心理與女性經驗 = On gamblers psychology and female experience in Yan Geling's novel A-Ma check Full Text
吳東育 龔剛 2015. Master
對賈平凹新世紀以來小說中 “城市異鄉者” 的研究 = Study on the "strangers in the modern city" in Jia Pingwa's novels after new century check Full Text
趙子羊 龔剛 2015. Master
試論蕭紅抒情書寫與時代主潮的二律背反 = On the antinomy of Xiao Hong's lyrical writing and the main trend after May Fourth Movement check Full Text
張石 龔剛 2015. Master
初中生英語學習動機, 學習策略和自覺成效之間關係的研究 check Full Text
陳方銘 梁成安 2020. Master
忠節與文質 : 顏真卿生平及文章思想研究 = A study of Yan Zhenqing and his literary thought check Full Text
張立業 鄧國光 2015. Master
陳澧的陶淵明詩評研究 = A study of Chen Li's critique of poetry of Tao Yuanming check Full Text
尤坤 鄧國光 2015. Master
"現代漢語詞典" 與 "新編國語日報辭典" 收條及釋義的對比研究 : 以顏色詞為例 = A comparative study on world-collection and interpretation between Modern Chinese Dictionary and New Version Mandarin Daily Dictionary : a case study of color words check Full Text
劉曉楠 王銘宇 2015. Master
現代漢語動詞性空語類研究 = A study on verbal empty category in modern Chinese check Full Text
溫涵 徐杰 2015. Master
跨境電商交易中消費者撤回權在澳門的適用 = The application of the right of withdrawal in cross-border e-consumer trade contract in Macau check Full Text
利明君 稅兵 2020. Master

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