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Commitment decisions under EU Competition Law and China's Anti-Monopoly Law / check Full Text
Liao, Jie Ke Svetlicinii, Alexandr 2017. Master
A study on perceived influence of institution-based trust on consumers' purchase intention in online marketplaces / check Full Text
Wang, Tao Sam, Kin Meng 2019. Master
Autocratic leadership, follower ingratiation behavior and performance in Chinese workplace / check Full Text
Zhang, Hui Lin, Xiao Wan 2019. Master
Examining the consumption behaviors of hotel customers : evidence from Macau / check Full Text
Lam, Hok Chi Yuan, Jia 2019. Master
Hotel locational investment strategy in three selected Chinese localities / check Full Text
Chan, Hoi Chun So, Man Shing 2019. Master
Liberdade e desvinculacao no contrato de arrendamento / check Full Text
Cheang, Tak Fat Trigo, Manuel Marcelino Escovar 2015. Master
Development of a business assessment framework for the adoption of blockchain technology : blockchain process reengineering assessment (BPRA) framework / check Full Text
Xu, Dan Chan, Wing Han 2019. Master
Study of Chinese buyer behavior : attitudes to products with Chinese style elements / check Full Text
Ma, Xian Mac, Vai Iun 2019. Master
TITLE check Full Text
Li, Peng Peng 胡元佳 2017 Master
An empirical analysis on arbitral awards recognition and enforcement between mainland China and Hong Kong/Macau / check Full Text
He, Li Qun 涂廣建 2017. Master

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