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Ethanolic extract of Fructus Schisandrae chinensis and Schisantherin A protect against 6-OHDA induced SH-SY5Y cells apoptosis in vitro and dopaminergic neurons damage in zebrafish in vivo check Full Text
Zhang, Lun Qing Lee, MingYuen 2014 Master
EU-China "comprehensive strategic partnership" : a myth or a reality? check Full Text
Hu, Shuang Wang, Jianwei 2011 Master
Adversarial vector quantized variational autoencoder / check Full Text
Zhang, Jia Min 2021. Master
Flexisecurity in the employment policy of the European Union check Full Text
An, Bai Yan Meyer, Thomas 2013 Master
exploration of interactive framework of "KMT-DPP-CPC" : based on the strategic triangle theory check Full Text
Bu, Le Wang, Jianwei 2014 Master
澳門的教育改革 : 從權力運用的角度分析政策過程 check Full Text
李淑華 余永逸 2013 Master
農村選舉發展中認受性和公民意識的演變 check Full Text
劉佳 何秋祥 2014 Master
rise of China and readjustment in Chinese foreign policy strategy in East Asia check Full Text
Choi, Cheng Man Song, Wei Qing 2013 Master
從職能轉變角度論政府與非政府組織的合作 : 以婦聯組織為例 check Full Text
戴晴 何秋祥 2013 Master
European Union as an international economic power : a policy analysis of EU-U.S. trade relations check Full Text
Liu, Su Yue Song, Wei Qing 2013 Master

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