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Optimization of smart and functional electronics with water-repellency and anti-corrosion surfaces
Dai, Zi Yi Zhou, Bing Pu 2023. Doctoral
Observation of gaseous oxygenated organic molecules (OOMs) in Shanghai and implications for secondary organic aerosol formation in urban areas check Full Text
Tian, Lin Hui Li, Yong Jie 2022. Doctoral
Of identity, spirituality, community, and the sacred chronotope in Bhutan
Wangchuk, Dorji Sandel, Todd L. 2022. Doctoral
Orthonormality-free methods on Kohn-Sham density functional theory
Wang, Ting Hu, Guang Hui 2023. Doctoral
O texto literário na construção da competência intercultural = The literary text in the construction of intercultural competence
Lopes, Carla Alexandra Santos Nunes, Ana Margarida Belém 2023. Doctoral
O aprendente Chinês de Português língua estrangeira : percursos pedagógicos, contextos educativos, percepções sobre o ensino e a aprendizagem = The Chinese learner of Portuguese as a foreign language : pedagogical paths, educational contexts, perceptions about teaching and learning check Full Text
Antunes, Francisco Manuel Pelicano Nunes, Ana Margarida Belém 2020. Doctoral
On the interception of affective-cognitive neural plasticity : quantitative electroencephalography-guided tDCS intervention in mental health amid the COVID-19 pandemic : electrophysiological evidence in resting state networks check Full Text
Pinho Couto, Tania Alexandra Yuan, Zhen 2021. Doctoral
O português das comunidades decasséguis no Japão : etnografia digital no estudo de empréstimos do japonês em redes sociais = Portuguese language in Dekasegi communities in Japan: digital ethnography in the study of Japanese loanwords on social networks
Manca Dal Ava, Felipe Silva, Roberval Teixeira e 2023. Doctoral
O Taoísmo Didático de Manuel da Silva Mendes = The Didactic Taoism of Manuel da Silva Mendes
Santos Cruz, Erasto Carvalho, Manuela 2023. Doctoral
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