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Modeling, analysis and improvement of phase-shifted pulse width modulation for modular multilevel converters /
Zhou, Zhi Peng Dai, Ning Yi 2022. Master
Modified data-driven power flow model in smart grid : a regression approach based on incomplete bus data /
Xing, Zheng Lao, Keng Weng 2022. Master
Materiality standards in the U.S. securities law and the ways forward for China : from the perspective of forward-looking information / check Full Text
Zhang, Qian Hui Hsiao, I-Hsuan 2018. Master
Machines in Faulkner's Mississippi garden / check Full Text
Tam, Pou U Appler, Gilbert Keith 2009. Master
Monte Carlo simulation with variance reduction on option pricing / check Full Text
Xu, Qiao Mu Ding, Deng 2015. Master
Metaphors in perfume advertisements : a cognitive-linguistic approach / check Full Text
Lam, Sut Sut, Marsha Pang, Kam Yiu 2017. Master
Mortality as a theme in Anna Sexton's confessional poetry / check Full Text
Dong, Fu Yi Appler, Gilbert Keith 2019. Master
Module-based graph pooling for graph classification / check Full Text
Deng, Su Cheng Gong, Zhi Guo 2021. Master
Modelos de integracao e desenvolvimento politico-economico durante o ciclo de hegemonia Americano : o caso do territorio de Macau na evolucao das relacoes internacionais no espaco Asia-Pacifico / check Full Text
Celeiro, Rogerio Paulo Caiodo Raimundo Maltez, Jose Adelino 1996. Master
Macau banking industry : present structure and strategies for future development / check Full Text
Chan, Iat Meng Weinrich, John E. 1995. Master

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