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Labor market discrimination against imported labor in Macau
U, U Kwan Zheng, Ming Li 2008. Master
Language attitudes of civil servants in the Special Administrative Region of Macao
Hao, Chi Iok Chan Hok Shing Brian 2010. Master
Literary app use : UTAUT2 analysis of ONE adoption check Full Text
Chen, Jin Yao 吳玫 2017. Master
Liquidity and financial constraints on expected stock return : evidence from Asia-Pacific stock markets
Liao, Jing Shi Tam, Hon Keung 2011. Master
Legal analysis on Macao SAR to make investment with sovereign wealth fund
Ng, Ka Lai Garcia, Augusto 2016. Master
Life cycle assessment of solid waste collected from household in Macau
Niu, Ru Xuan 王志石 2011. Master
Low power high efficiency excess-loop-delay compensation techniques in continuous-time delta-sigma modulators check Full Text
Cai, Chen Yan Sin, Sai-Weng 2013. Master
Land supply, urbanization and property prices in China
Wang, Jue Chen, Yu 2014. Master
Laboratory study of soil-structure interface with different roughness and GSDs check Full Text
Jie, Xi Xi Zhou, Wan Huan 2017. Master
Linking meaningful work, perceived supervisor support, promotability and turnover intention check Full Text
Chan, Ka Ian Chan, Sow Hup 2017. Master
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