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Incidental learning of English derivational neutral noun suffixes from reading : an eye-tracking study /
Shi, Jia Xuan Reynolds, Barry Lee 2022. Master
Impact of financial crime related news on bank's stock price performance : an event study on banks listed in US stock market /
Kuok, San Hong 2021. Master
Improving EFL learners' motivation and ability in writing : the case of Form 2 students in a Chinese-medium school in Macao /
Wong, Man Ieng Wallace, Matthew 2022. Master
Image, body and feminine space : constructing modern identity in The Ladies' Journal (1915-1931) /
Geng, Ya Min 王笛 2019. Master
Influência da opção na motivação da tarefa : estudo empírico com aprendentes chineses de PLE /
Zhang, Min Santos, Sara Gonçalves 2022. Master
Investigating master's students' academic emotion in thesis writing : a positive psychology perspective /
Wang, Xu Xu Yu, Shu Lin 2022. Master
"In or out" : a historical analysis of the British European policy during 1950-2007 check Full Text
Gao, Yu Jie Song, Wei Qing 2014 Master
Independent guarantee : balance between the efficiency and the risk of fraud / check Full Text
Hong, Shan Ling Garcia, Augusto 2017. Master
In silico formulation prediction of drug/cyclodextrin/polymer ternary complexes by machine learning and molecular modeling techniques / check Full Text
Li, Jun Jun Ouyang, De Fang 2021. Master
Impact of the precautionary principle on the management and regulation of gene-edited agricultural products / check Full Text
Jiang, Jian 杜立 2018. Master

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