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Deep learning-based denoising for myocardial perfusion SPECT check Full Text
Sun, Jing Zhang Mok, Seng Peng 2022. Doctoral
Desmosomal proteins of DSC2 and PKP1 promote cancer cells survival and metastasis by increasing cluster formation in circulatory system check Full Text
LI, Kou Kou Luo, Qian 2021. Doctoral
Dissecting the role and mechanism of autophagosome maturation defect in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease check Full Text
Cai, Cui Zan 路嘉宏 2020. Doctoral
Discovery of cholesterol trafficking inhibitors as novel anti-angiogenic and anti-cancer agents check Full Text
Lyu, Jun Fang Shim, Joong Sup 2018. Doctoral
Defining Chu religion : gods, ancestors and ghosts check Full Text
Hu, Qiong Wenning Mario 2020. Doctoral
Development of novel polymeric nanoparticle for oral delivery of anti-diabetic nephropathy alkaloids isolated from Rhizoma Coptidis check Full Text
Xiong, Wei Yu, Hua 2020. Doctoral
Diversifying sparse representation for robust dictionary-based classification check Full Text
Zeng, Shao Ning Zhang, Yi Bo 2020. Doctoral
Development potency of human ES cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells revealed in mouse embryos following blastocyst injection check Full Text
Huang, Bo Rong Xu Ren He 2022. Doctoral
Developmental study of human ES cell-derived trophoblast-like cells via chimerization with mouse blastocyst check Full Text
Fu, Si Yi Xu Ren He 2022. Doctoral
Digital microfluidics for DNA amplification and detection
Wan, Liang Jia, Yanwei 2022. Doctoral
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