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Comparative efficacy of single-inhaler triple therapies for chronic obstructive lung disease : a network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Jiang, Yi Xuan 胡豪 2022. Master
Comparação da gramática nos manuais de iniciação : para Português língua estrangeira e Chinês língua estrangeira
Liu, Song Yue Grosso, Maria José 2016. Master
Cross-domain sentiment analysis based on replacing domain's keywords to generate training data
Chen, Jin Rong Fong, Chi Chiu 2022. Master
Conectores Textuais : uma análise da interferência de fatores linguísticos e extralinguísticos em produções orais de falantes de chinês língua materna
Wang, Xiao Yan Leal, Ana Luísa Varani 2015. Master
Contribuição para uma análise lexical do vocábulo "Aseento"
Conde, Margarida Isaura Vilela, Mario 2001. Master
Commercial nationalism on Weibo : A study of seven selected Chinese brands
Yin, Ke Fan Chen, Ni 2022. Master
Corporate social responsibility and purchase intentions in Macau integrated resorts industry during 'new normal' : mediation roles of brand equity dimensions
Sou, Si Wan 2022. Master
Comparing the moderating effects of teachers and non-teachers on work stress and its outcomes by resilience and neuroticism check Full Text
Piao, Lin Mei 施達明 2022. Master
Computer vision based Macau recycling detection system
Ieong, Man Hin 張立明 2022. Master
Curriculum development : improving student's sentence fragments and pragmatic competence
Lok, Wai Sam Kim, Younhee 2022. Master
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