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Neuroprotective effects of Artemisia annua extract and possible mechanisms in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease check Full Text
Zhou, Wen Shu Zheng, Wen Hua 2023. Doctoral
Urban space and local identity in Macao films : an analysis of Sisterhood and Our 17
Chan, Hio Cheng 李展鵬 2023. Master
歐陽修酬唱詩創作研究 = The research of Ouyang Xiu’s responding poems
常毓晗 鄧駿捷 2023. Master
公共利益的概念 / The concept of public interest / Xue Yu.
薛宇 涂廣建 2023. Doctoral
莊子對阮籍詠懷詩的影響 = Zhuangzi's influence on Ruan Ji's Yong Huai poems
陳立新 張月 2023. Master
The Flower Boats on the Orchid River
Wu, Min Chao Yang Bin 2023. Master
數字記憶環境下澳門技藝類非遺的文化生態研究 = Study of cultural ecology about conventional skills and techniques of traditional handicrafts intangible cultural heritage in Macau and the construction based on digital memory
Sun, Yu Ning 楊開荊 2023. Master
A representação da mulher e da natureza em A Confissão da Leoa de Mia Couto : uma perspetiva ecofeminista
Yan, Jia Bao Carvalho, Manuela 2023. Master
Federated learning with noisy clients
Tam, Ka Hou Li, Li 2023. Master
漢德語“前後/內外”空間方向選擇及其認知動因對比 = A contrast of cognitive styles underlying spatial orientation "front-back/inside outside" between Chinese and German
鍾琦 陳忠 2023. Master
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