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Comparing the similarities and differences of predominant factors affecting English reading achievement between Macau and the UK based on PISA 2018
Xi, Zi Han 梁成安 2023. Master
教與練的配合 : 一名中學音樂高考輔導教師個人專業發展之敘事研究
莫廣浩 黃素君 2023. Master
陳睿 翟小波 2023. Doctoral
Research on intelligent doctor consultation based on knowledge graph check Full Text
Yan, Qian Yi Guo, Jing Zhi 2023. Master
上海與澳門在2012-2021年間數學教育研究之比較 check Full Text
賈珺琦 江春蓮 2023. Master
公共利益的概念 / The concept of public interest / Xue Yu.
薛宇 涂廣建 2023. Doctoral
普通高中學校氛圍與教師工作滿意度之關係探討 check Full Text
黃祖瑜 吳梅君 2023. Master
Analyzing the resource waste in Ethereum blockchain system
Lao, Chon Kit Wang, Ye 2023. Master
Research on the role of tertiary-education sports pedagogical training in the management and professional development of personnel of a basketball sport club check Full Text
Zheng, Yi Wen 何敬恩 2023. Master
Machine learning methods for disease detection via medical biometrics
Zhang, Qi Zhang, Yi Bo 2023. Doctoral
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