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Plasmonic induced charge and energy transfer in nanostructures check Full Text
Li, Yi Wen Tang Zikang 2019. Doctoral
Precise motion control for robotic micromanipulation systems check Full Text
Yan, Yi Zheng Xu, Qing Song 2019. Master
Prevalence of workplace violence (WPV) and its association with quality of life among nursing staff in Chinese psychiatric institutions check Full Text
Lu, Li Xiang Yu Tao 2019. Doctoral
Palavras com carga cultural em Antologia da poesia clássica chinesa : dinastia Tang : uma abordagem de tradução baseada na teoria da relevância check Full Text
Wang, Yi Dan 姚京明 2019. Master
Philosophical tradition and contemporary patterns of China's criminal justice practice : study on crime of setting up gambling houses in China check Full Text
Wang, Hang Li, De 2019. Master
Phosphorylation of TET2 by AMPK is indispensable in myogenic differentiation check Full Text
Zhang, Ting Li, Gang 2019. Doctoral
Paracrine activity modulates cell microenvironment to influence mesoderm towards cardiomyocytes differentiation check Full Text
Yang, Yang Chen, Guo Kai 2019. Doctoral
Pharmacological targeting of BRCA1 deficient breast cancer by BET and HDAC inhibition check Full Text
Zhang, Bao Yuan Shim, Joong Sup 2019. Doctoral
PFSS(S) 000 (SAMPLE) The pathways from discrimination to juvenile delinquency among Chinese migrant children : an application of the extended general strain theory
Xia, Yi Wei Li, De 2019. Doctoral
PFST(CS) 000 (SAMPLE) Knowledge-based fuzzy clustering
Guo, Li Chen, Long 2019. Doctoral
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