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城市空間中的倫理書寫 : 以 1990 年代以來中國城市文學為中心 check Full Text
李姝 龔剛 2023. Doctoral
安多藏語中的漢語借詞變異研究 = A study on the variation of Chinese loanwords in Amdo Tibetan check Full Text
更桑多傑 邵朝陽 2023. Master
Tsuda Umeko : a plum blossom ready to bloom (1882-1889) check Full Text
Liao, An An Ehrlich, Joshua 2023. Master
比較《塵埃落定》與《喧嘩與騷動》癡傻視角下的不可靠敘事 = A comparison of the unreliable narratives of "Red Poppies" and "The Sound and the Fury" from a silly perspective check Full Text
鄺頌藍 龔剛 2023. Master
《黃金時代》所映射的時代問題與其現代教育意義 check Full Text
楊濤 楊兆貴 2023. Master
多變量競爭機制及其對漢語語序的影響 check Full Text
張翠吉 陳忠 2023. Doctoral
The perplexities of clothing : examining Ming China's official sartorial discourses check Full Text
Cai, Qian Qian Ehrlich, Joshua 2023. Master
澳門推行跨境養老的障礙研究 = The barriers for Macau to implement cross-border elderly care initiative check Full Text
黎雪瑩 林玉鳳 2023. Master
論汪曾祺小說創作的"衰年變法" = On Wang Zengqi's reform of novel creation in his old age check Full Text
馬一戈 朱壽桐 2023. Master
The antecedents and influences of boredom and enjoyment in college English writing classes check Full Text
Zhang, Ling Xiang Yu, Shu Lin 2023. Master
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