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以賦為詞 : 論漢賦對宋詞創作的影響 = Write Ci with Fu : discuss the influence of Han Fu on the creation of Song Ci check Full Text
曹帆 王思豪 2022. Master
A loucura e a razão : um estudo sobre O Alienista de Machado de Assis check Full Text
Qiu, Chen Enedino, Raimundo dos Santos 2022. Master
論本澳強制措施對非本澳居民之適用問題 = The issue of adopting Macau criminal mandatory measures upon non-residents check Full Text
曾浩然 李哲 2022. Master
Exploring NQO1-mediated non-apoptotic cell death in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) check Full Text
Hou, Ying 陳修平 2022. Doctoral
The melanthiaceae genomes evolution and functional genes in polyphyllin synthesis check Full Text
Zeng, Peng 胡豪 2022. Doctoral
澳門節慶文化研究 check Full Text
王習雯 鄧駿捷 2022. Doctoral
PFLL(Law on Technology and Medicine) 000 (SAMPLE) 科技法與醫療法 : 以香港科技法與醫療法為例
何科技 涂廣建 2022. Doctoral
蘇軾的茶酒詩研究 = The study of Su Shi's tea and wine poetry check Full Text
柯婧 鄧駿捷 2022. Master
不同水準的幼兒教師敏感性對幼兒學習品質的影響 check Full Text
劉子上 周憶粟 2022. Master
Sparse approximation methods for solving bounded linear operator in reproducing kernel Hilbert space check Full Text
Bai, Hong Fang Leong, Ieng Tak 2022. Doctoral
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