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Childhood unpredictability, life history, and the treade-off between intuitive and deliberate cognitive styles check Full Text
Wang, Xin Rui Chang, Lei 2022. Doctoral
Joint discriminative feature learning for robust multimodal biometric recognition check Full Text
Li, Shu Yi Zhang, Yi Bo 2022. Doctoral
不同句法位置對"像X一樣"結構選擇限制研究 = Constraints of syntactic position on the choice of "xiàng X yí yàng" structure check Full Text
蘭瑾 陳忠 2022. Master
ATP11B is a potent metastasis suppressor for breast cancer through suppressing externalization of non-apoptotic phosphatidylserine check Full Text
Xu, Jun Xu, Xiaoling 2022. Doctoral
心智圖應用於小學三年級寫作教學之行動研究 check Full Text
吳慕燕 宋明娟 2022. Master
Quality evaluation and development of novel formulation of essential oil of classical prescription Foshousan for migraine check Full Text
Chen, Yu Long 王一濤 2022. Doctoral
An empirical study on consumers' participation in food safety traceability system in China check Full Text
Fu, Jia Guo, Jing Zhi 2022. Master
How can host states get better deals in oil and gas transnational investments? : lessons and challenges for Mozambique check Full Text
Rafael, Ângelo Patrício 魏丹 2022. Doctoral
Developing a fast and non-invasive optical technique for revealing cell death check Full Text
Yan, Ying Han Liu, Tzu-Ming 2022. Doctoral
粵澳兩地高校大一新生體育運動參與度, 動機及意志力之相關研究 check Full Text
解振睿 施達明 2022. Master
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