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Duolingo English test in China : examining the effect of perceived test fairness on test preparation
Yao, Dong Wallace, Matthew 2022. Doctoral
Pharmacological regulation of CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T Cells (Tregs) through TNFR2 : eastern and western approaches
Islam, Md Sahidul Chen, Xin 2022. Master
幼兒美育課程發展歷程與趨勢 : 兩岸四地的政策文本脈絡 check Full Text
羅晨琳 劉乃華 2022. Master
小學識字教學研究 : 以"停課不停學"期間珠海市香洲區"空中課堂"為例 check Full Text
周子榆 向天屏 2022. Master
Chinese medicine turmeric-derived nanovesicles as novel biologics for the treatment of ulcerative colitis
Gao, Cai Fang 王一濤 2022. Doctoral
Isolation of Glycoside compounds from Pulsatilla Chinensis and their bioactivities
Zhao, Yu Xin 何承偉 2022. Master
SONG學校(小學)教師評核對教師專業成長的效用性影響之個案研究 check Full Text
盧彩紅 周憶粟 2022. Master
Investigation into multitasking for biomedical systems with implementation of multithreading scheme on ECG software and proposals of multiprocessing framework and FSM-based embedded system architecture
Tian, Xiao He Vai, Mang I 2022. Master
ML-OCX : towards parallel and GPU accelerated computing on multi-level-one-class-cross-learning model for accurate segmentation of early gastric cancer detection with limited source labels check Full Text
Liu, Xian Xian Fong, Chi Chiu 2022. Master
E-health communication and physical activities : roles of self-efficacy, self-affirmation, and belief that obesity causes cancer
Ye, Ji Zhou 趙心樹 2022. Master
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