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互動式電子白板融入澳門小學語文修辭教學對學習成就, 學習態度之影響 check Full Text
王景琛 梁成安 2022. Master
澳門與中國內地的假釋制度比較 = Comparison of parole system in Macau and mainland China check Full Text
李家敏 李哲 2022. Master
淺談澳門短期限制人身自由措施及相關法律 = A brief discussion on the short-term restrictions on personal freedom in Macao and related laws check Full Text
謝宇 李哲 2022. Master
比較法視野下公民個人信息的刑法保護研究 = Research on the criminal law protection of citizen's personal information from the perspective of comparative law check Full Text
歐陽嘉恆 李哲 2022. Master
澳門民事訴訟傳喚及通知制度研究 = Research on the subpoena and notification system of civil litigation in Macao check Full Text
李俊永 錢釗強 2022. Master
澳門刑事偵查權限問題研究 = Study on the issues of Macao criminal investigation competence check Full Text
何智偉 李哲 2022. Master
澳門在信息時代變革下隱私保障的若干問題研究 : 以商業登記為切入點 = A study on privacy in the remit of the information age : particularly from the business registration standpoint check Full Text
高梓清 梁靜姮 2022. Master
漢語的"虛成分"及相關語法理論問題 = Non-essential elements in Chinese and relevant grammatical issues check Full Text
叢冠良 徐杰 2022. Master
以賦為詞 : 論漢賦對宋詞創作的影響 = Write Ci with Fu : discuss the influence of Han Fu on the creation of Song Ci check Full Text
曹帆 王思豪 2022. Master
探究幼兒園領導者如何衝破「去小學化」的變革困境 : 以佛山市順德區三所幼兒園為例
黃穎愉 黃素君 2022. Master
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