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Relacoes entre Macau e o Siao (seculos XVIII-XIX) check Full Text
Seabra, Isabel Leonor da Silva Diaz de Matos, Artur Teodoro de 1994 Master
revolution of township and village enterprise in China : it's organizational structure and management style check Full Text
Chan, Chi Kwan 1995 Master
recent price behavior of the Hong Kong stock market, 1990-1993 check Full Text
So, Man Shing Trigueiros, Duarte Manuel Forjaz Pacheco 1995 Master
Reform of large-or-medium-scale state enterprises : key of transition from central planning to socialist market economy check Full Text
Wang, Xue Li Murteira, Mario 1996 Master
Ressonancias culturais na negociacao internacional check Full Text
Escaleira, Maria de Lurdes Nogueira Mota, Paulo Roberto 1996 Master
relative strength concept : an application to the Hong Kong stock market check Full Text
Tang, Si Man Terpstra, Robert Harold 1997 Master
Resource-based view of the firm : a case study check Full Text
Hong, Fok Loi Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1997 Master
reform of state-owned enterprises in China check Full Text
Feng, Jia Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1999 Master
Reflected stochastic differential equations with a random and moving boundary check Full Text
Chiang, Sio Iam Ding, Deng 2000 Master
Replicating Ou's (1990) information link using Hong Kong data : the prediction of changes in earnings per share check Full Text
Chan, Chi Seng 2000 Master

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