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Oxidative stress-mediated anti-cancer activity of a natural naphthoquinone 2-methoxy-6-acetyl-7-methyljuglone (MAM) check Full Text
Sun, Wen 陳修平 2017. Doctoral
Overlooked issues in real estate : an investigation in supply, policy and secondary market check Full Text
Xu, Rui Hui Lai, Neng 2017. Doctoral
Object tracking using distribution field with correlation coefficients check Full Text
Qin, Peng Pun, Chi Man 2017. Master
Outlier detection with data stream mining approach in high-dimenional time series data check Full Text
Wang, Dan Tong Fong, Chi Chiu 2017. Master
O sujeito feminino na China e em Moçambique : uma leitura feminista de "Rosa vermelha, rosa branca", de Eileen Chang, e Niketche : uma história de poligamia, de Paulina Chiziane check Full Text
Zhong, Cai Yan Mata, Inocencia 2017. Master
O lugar do femininoe o papel das personagens femininas em Momento em Pequim, de Lin Yutang check Full Text
Xue, Wen Xiu Mata, Inocencia 2017. Master
Os manuais de iniciação usados poraprendentes de língua materna chinesa check Full Text
Liu, Meng Ying Grosso, Maria José 2017. Master
On numbers behind games check Full Text
Chu, Ion Sang Leong, Ieng Tak 2017. Master
Optimizing data mining process in rapid miner for accurate and fast human activities recognitions based on shadow features check Full Text
Ren, Ni Fong, Chi Chiu 2017. Master
One dimensional embedding framework and its application to hyperspectral image classification check Full Text
Luo, Hui Wu Tang Yuan Yan 2017. Doctoral
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