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Observation of gaseous oxygenated organic molecules (OOMs) in Shanghai and implications for secondary organic aerosol formation in urban areas check Full Text
Tian, Lin Hui Li, Yong Jie 2022. Doctoral
O processamento do fenômeno da personificação na sight-translation CH-PT : um estudo empírico-experimental utilizando a technologia FNIRS check Full Text
Chen, Si Yuan Leal, Ana Luisa Varani 2022. Master
Os tipos de culpa no ordenamento jurídico-penal de Macau = The types of guilt in the legal-criminal system of Macau
Sio, Wai Fong Robalo Teresa Lancry de Albuquerque e Sousa 2022. Master
O vocabulário Ningpo de Morrison
Zhong, Yu Zheng Araujo, Gabriel Antunes de 2022. Master
Online comment text mining of fresh e-commerce platform check Full Text
Li, Heng 2022. Master
O mundano em sala de aula de ILE na china continental
Tang, Ying Ying Moutinho Rodrigues da Silva, Ricardo 2022. Master
Optimal sensor placement for structural health monitoring using a robust information entropy-based approach check Full Text
Hao, Xiao Han Yuen, Ka Veng 2022. Doctoral
Ownership concentration and stock price volatility : evidence from China check Full Text
Ng, Ka U 2022. Master
Of identity, spirituality, community, and the sacred chronotope in Bhutan
Wangchuk, Dorji Sandel, Todd L. 2022. Doctoral
Optimal resource management for non-orthogonal multiple access assisted federated learning in wireless networks
Song, Yu Xiao Wu, Yuan 2022. Master
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