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Ownership structure, economic policy uncertainty and corporate cash holdings : evidence from China check Full Text
Zhang, Ya Wen Tam, Pui Sun 2020. Master
Online purchase of Macao tourism merchandise : the perspective from Mainland Chinese visitors check Full Text
Huo, Yan Bang Qiu, Tianran 2020. Master
O uso de conectores em respostas a interpelações escritas dos deputados à Assembleia Legislativa da RAEM check Full Text
Wan, Weng San Sun, Yuqi 2020. Master
On the application of interim measures in Asia check Full Text
Chen, Shuang Yi 涂廣建 2020. Master
Organizational culture and teachers' job satisfaction : perspectives from private secondary teachers in Macao check Full Text
Vu, Hon Yin 周憶粟 2020. Master
O direito da exclusão dos sócios nas sociedades comerciais check Full Text
Ieong, Sio Lan Garcia, Augusto Teixeira 2020. Master
O aprendente Chinês de Português língua estrangeira : percursos pedagógicos, contextos educativos, percepções sobre o ensino e a aprendizagem = The Chinese learner of Portuguese as a foreign language : pedagogical paths, educational contexts, perceptions about teaching and learning check Full Text
Antunes, Francisco Manuel Pelicano Nunes, Ana Margarida Belém 2020. Doctoral
Oversampling data converter with LDO-free power management system check Full Text
Gong, Hao Yu Sin, Sai-Weng 2020. Master
Outcomes of job crafting in the workplace check Full Text
Kang, Wei Chan, Sow Hup 2020. Master
Optimal operation of soft open points in distribution networks with high penetration of renewable energy sources check Full Text
Hou, Qi Lin 2021. Master
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