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National culture and board diversity check Full Text
Fan, Rui Juan Lei Cheuk Hung 2015. Master
Negative faith : disbelief in god in literature check Full Text
Chow, Man San Corbett John 2016. Master
Navigating neurological drug research in China : perspectives from research collaboration networks check Full Text
Si Tou, Ka Weng 胡元佳 2016. Master
Nonlinear vibration analysis of functionally graded material rectangular plates under some given boundary conditions check Full Text
Han, Yong Yue Er, Guo Kang 2016. Master
Northern Wei and Xiao Qi during the period of Emperor Xiaowen's four Southern expeditions check Full Text
Zhu, Xiao Ling 李憑 2016. Master
Non-dimensional lattice Boltzmann simulations on charging and discharging of a solar thermal storage enclosure with encapsulated phase change material tubes check Full Text
Ng, Tin Iao Su, Yan 2016. Master
Novel enveloped-morphology heart sound feature extraction for intelligent cardiovascular disease prognosis in e-home healthcare check Full Text
Yao, Hao Dong, Vai, Mang I 2016. Master
Non-rigid visual object tracking with statistical learning of appearance model check Full Text
Lin, Cong Pun, Chi Man 2016. Doctoral
Novel danshensu derivatives prevent doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity and enhance its chemotherapeutic efficacy in breast check Full Text
Wang, Liang 張慶文 2016. Doctoral
News coverage of Macao government by local newspapers, 2002-2013 check Full Text
Li, Yi Nan Li, Xiao Qin 2017. Master
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