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NLP2CT-machine translation : uma análise contrastiva de erros de tradução automática chinês-português check Full Text
Zhou, Chun Lin Leal, Ana Luísa Varani 2019. Master
Numerical methods for inverse eigenvalue problems and nonlinear equations check Full Text
Wen, Chao Tao Sun, Hai Wei 2020. Doctoral
Nostalgia and place : Pai Hsien-yung’s self-translation of Taipei People check Full Text
Cao, Qi Lin Sun Yifeng 2020. Master
Negotiating images : exotic creatures in Jesuit maps and books (17th century) check Full Text
Fan, Xiao Yu Cams, Mario 2020. Master
Natureza do crime de violência doméstica e a sua definição check Full Text
Lam Pui Ian Raposo, Vera Lúcia 2020. Master
Neural network models for stock option pricing check Full Text
Shu, Nao Ding, Deng 2020. Master
News being a marketing tool in this social media era : take "Exmoo Feature Team" as an example check Full Text
Leong, Hong Ip 林玉鳳 2020. Master
Non-state actors in international economic law check Full Text
Dong, Wei Wei Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2020. Master
Novel genome-edited zebrafish models for screening environmental estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemicals (e-EDCs) and understanding their action mechanisms check Full Text
Song, Wei Yi Ge, Wei 2020. Doctoral
Numerical method for two-dimensional time fractional Black-Scholes equation check Full Text
Cai, Xiao Xiao Lei, Siu Long 2020. Master
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