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Modeling chemical oxygen demand dynamics in main storage reservoir of Macau via machine learning methods / check Full Text
Zhong, Fang Yuan Zhang, Ping 2021. Master
Mental health and qulity of life among Chinese pregnant and postnatal women / check Full Text
Yang, Yuan Xiang Yu Tao 2021. Doctoral
Multi-resonance spectroscopy of superconducting qubits / check Full Text
Zhang, Yan Ian, Hou 2021. Doctoral
Multifunctional semiconducting polymer dots for near-infrared multimodal imaging and cancer therapy / check Full Text
Men, Xiao Ju Yuan, Zhen 2021. Doctoral
Model development and assessment for spatiotemporal response of rooted soil using genetic programming approach / check Full Text
Cheng, Zhi Liang Zhou, Wan Huan 2021. Doctoral
Manager sentiment in China stock / check Full Text
Fan, Wai Pio Ren, Jin Juan 2021. Master
Macau's tourism develpment in the eyes of local integrated resorts' employees / check Full Text
Un, Weng Kuan 2021. Master
Macau's destination image based on mainland Chinese tourists' travel blogs / check Full Text
Liu, Jin McCartney, Glenn 2021. Master
Metabolomics study of neural progenitor cells derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells with a PRESEN-1 F105C mutation / check Full Text
Peng, Yu Su, Huan Xing 2021. Doctoral
Module-based graph pooling for graph classification / check Full Text
Deng, Su Cheng Gong, Zhi Guo 2021. Master

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