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Hierarchical kernel-based learning algorithms and their applications check Full Text
Xia, Tian Tang, Yuan Yan 2015 Doctoral
How brand equity elements influence consumers' attitude and purchase intentions :a study in hotel industry in Macau check Full Text
Kok, Hei Lam Liu, Ting Chi 2015 Master
Human activity recognition by using fuzzy rough prototype selection check Full Text
Huang, Rong Hui Fong, Chi Chiu 2015 Master
A hidden semi-Markov model for chart pattern matching in financial time series check Full Text
Wan, Yu Qing Si, Yain Whar 2015 Master
Human translation versus machine translation with post-editing :a case study of the Chinese translations of two English informative texts check Full Text
Chong, Ka Ian Venkatesan, Hari 2015 Master
How people tell stories in commencement speeches :the generic structure potential (GSP) of personal narratives check Full Text
Zeng, Fang Lei Corbett, John 2015 Master
Hong Kong and Macao approaches to the suppression of piracy in the Pearl River Delta, 1860-1941 check Full Text
Connolly, Patrick Joseph Antony, Robert J. 2015 Doctoral
High order compact finite difference schemes for fractional differential equations check Full Text
Wang, Zhi Bo, Vong, Seak Weng 2015 Doctoral
Happiness in Mainland China :development and validation of a Chinese happiness scale check Full Text
Wang, Yuan Yuan, D'Amato, Rik Carl 2015 Doctoral
How do supervision and autonomy affect subcontracors' commitment? :the moderating roles of distributive justice and the flexibility norm check Full Text
Zhang, Jie Chen, Xiao Yun 2015 Master

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