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Hafnium-based metal-phenolic networks for combinational cancer radio-immunotherapy / check Full Text
Sang, Wei Dai, Yun Lu 2021. Doctoral
Host-guest interactions mediated nanoassemblies for on-demand drug delivery / check Full Text
Yue, Lu Dan Wang, Rui Bing 2021. Doctoral
Highly sensitive angular displacement sensors based on microwave impedance transformers / check Full Text
Zhu, Hong Xu Tam, Kam Weng 2021. Doctoral
Hermitian random matrices, orthogonal polynomials, continuous and discrete Painlevé equations / check Full Text
Wang, Dan Chen, Yang 2021. Doctoral
Higher-order approximations and forecasts of volatility / check Full Text
He, Li Dan Liu, Zhi 2021. Doctoral
Host-guest chemistry of amide naphthotubes and their applications in biomedicine / check Full Text
Ma, Yan Long Wang, Rui Bing 2021. Doctoral
How ICT uses and educational resources mediate the relationship between SES and academic achievement : based on the China sample from PISA 2015 / check Full Text
Chen, Yuan Ying 周憶粟 2021. Master
Human ESC-derived MSCs enhance fat engraftment by promoting adipocyte reaggregation, secreting CCL2 and mobilizing macrophages / check Full Text
Borkar, Roma Pradeep Xu Ren He 2021. Doctoral
How is "The Chinese Dream" represented in the film My People, My Country / check Full Text
Zou, Lu Shi, Wei 2021. Master
High-speed SSVEP-based BCIs : learning from reduced-calibration to zero-calibration / check Full Text
Wong, Chi Man Wan, Feng 2021. Doctoral

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