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How metabolic diseases are involved in tumorigenesis :possible links between hyperglycemia and lung cancer check Full Text
Cao, Yi Wei Wong, Rui Hong 2017 Doctoral
Hepatoprotective properties of Penthorum chinense Pursh against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury check Full Text
Zhang, Xiao Jiao 萬建波 2017 Master
How social media marketing affect brand loyalty in the mediating role of brand engagement :an empirical study check Full Text
Zeng, Qing Ya Liu, Ting Chi 2017 Master
How do micro & small enterprises start and grow their businesses through social media :a few case studies in South China check Full Text
Wang, Ping 2017 Master
How vlogger affects parasocial interaction and brands /
Lam I Kei Liu, Ting Chi 2017 Master
The Hanfu Movement and intangible cultural heritage : considering the past to know the future /
Mo Zhi Ying 1988- Neuwirth, Rostam J 2017 Master
How do interpreting patterns implicate neurocognitive processing routes? evidence from English vs Chinese consecutive interpreting check Full Text
Liu, Xiao Dong Li, Defeng 2018 Doctoral
Historical analysis of British welfare system :origin, development, and prospect check Full Text
Jian, Ke Yue Song, Wei Qing 2018 Master
How identity fluids in college student entrepreneurs :the sense-making process of identity formation check Full Text
Kang, Yi Chun Shi, Wei 2018 Master
High-throughput analysis of cardiac responses from the same zebrafish with "fish-dock" microfluidic device check Full Text
Yu, Guo Dong Li, Cheuk-Wing 2018 Doctoral

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