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Probabilistic approach for robust parametric identification, outlier detection and real-time model class selection /
Mu He Qing Yuen, Ka Veng 2014 Doctoral
Perdormance analysis for the banking industry from the study in financial statement :a case study of HSBC holdings plc check Full Text
Chong, Kuok Wai Yuen, Chun Yip, Prof. 2017 Master
Population and economic development in Singapore check Full Text
Wong, Hon Lung Yuan, D. Y. 1991 Master
Pharmacological evaluation of sigesbeckia herb and its bioactive ingredient lecocarpinolide B on rheumatoid arthritis / check Full Text
Ling Hu, Ke Gang Yu, Hua 2021. Doctoral
Power-efficient analog and digital frequency synthesizers in nanoscale CMOS /
Yang Shi Heng Yin, Jun 2019 Doctoral
Poor illumination visual detection and 3D semantic feature learning for safety monitoring / check Full Text
Luo, Lu Qing Yang, Zhi Xin 2021. Doctoral
Prediction of dynamic properties of bridges under environmental and operational variability based on Bayesian inference and data association metric /
Zhang, Le Le Yan, Wangji 2022. Master
Position and force control for piezo-driven microinjection system check Full Text
Wang, Guang Wei Xu, Qing Song 2018 Doctoral
Precision motion control for piezo-driven microgrippers using adaptive sliding mode control and hysteresis compensation check Full Text
Zhang, Yu Long Xu, Qing Song 2016 Master
Precise motion control for robotic micromanipulation systems /
Yan Yi Zheng Xu, Qing Song 2019 Master

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