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Privacy-preserving information sharing and management schema for collaborative social networks check Full Text
Ma, Cheng Man Zhuang, Yan 2015 Master
Peripheral interface circuitries analysis for high-speed and -resolution SAR ADC /
Li Cheng Zhu, Yan 2018 Master
Pin-loaded patch antennas with improved functionalities check Full Text
Zhang, Xiao Zhu, Lei, 1963- 2017 Doctoral
Pressure infiltration of bentonite slurry into saturated sand / check Full Text
Mei, Zi Jin Zhou, Wan Huan 2021. Master
Privacy leakage evaluation of SIFT feature via deep generative model based image reconstruction / check Full Text
Wu, Hai Wei Zhou, Jian Tao 2020. Master
Privacy-preserving and verifiable multimedia computing / check Full Text
Duan, Jia Zhou, Jian Tao 2020. Doctoral
Penetration evaluation and PLGA nanoparticle development of curcumin for topical delivery to treat psoriasis check Full Text
Sun, Lin Zheng, Ying 2017 Doctoral
Preformulation and oral absorption mechanistic studies on Zedoary Turmeric Oil check Full Text
Leng, Wei Zheng, Ying 2007 Master
Potential of artemisinin as a multi-target drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease / check Full Text
Zhao, Xia Zheng, Wen Hua 2021. Doctoral
Protective effect of artemisinin in rat bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells from hydrogen peroxide and dexamethasone-induced cellular damage / check Full Text
Fang, Jian Kang Zheng, Wen Hua 2020. Doctoral

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