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PFLL(Public or Political Juridical Sciences) 000 (SAMPLE) 授權原理與特區高度自治
何慶文 駱偉建 2017. Doctoral
Pe. Duarte de Sande e Macau
Choi, Wai Hao 霍啟昌 2002. Master
PEST-SWOT 視角下澳門老年就業分析 check Full Text
張銳 陳建新 2020. Master
Protective effect and mechanism of neferine against ischemic stroke check Full Text
Wu, Chuan Hong 陳修平 2018. Doctoral
Psoralidin, a natural compound from Psoralea corylifolia, induces oxidative damage mediated cell death in HT-29 human colon cancer cells check Full Text
Sun, Chong 陳修平 2020. Master
Productivity growth, technical progress and efficiency change in Chinese agriculture
Chen, Min Rong 關峰 2015. Master
Productivity analysis using new measurement of human capital across countries and regions check Full Text
Gao, Hai Cheng 關峰 2019. Master
PFAH(LIT-C) 000 (SAMPLE) "毛詩正義" 詩學思想研究
何潔瑩 鄧國光 2019. Doctoral
Pharmacological study on TCM-derived mitophagy inducers and drug target identification check Full Text
Xie, Li Ming 路嘉宏 2022. Master
Pharmacological modulation of iNOS expression for anti-inflammation check Full Text
Wang, Jing 路嘉宏 2019. Master
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