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PEST-SWOT 視角下澳門老年就業分析 / check Full Text
張銳 陳建新 2020. Master
Psoralidin, a natural compound from Psoralea corylifolia, induces oxidative damage mediated cell death in HT-29 human colon cancer cells / check Full Text
Sun, Chong 陳修平 2020. Master
Productivity growth, technical progress and efficiency change in Chinese agriculture check Full Text
Chen, Min Rong 關峰 2015 Master
Productivity analysis using new measurement of human capital across countries and regions /
Gao Hai Cheng 關峰 2019 Master
Paradiplomacy of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as a sub-state actor check Full Text
Sun, Xiu Ting 蕭楊輝 2016 Master
The politics of casino liberalization : dependent development in Macao /
梁嘉雯 蔡幸強 2015 Master
Protective effects of Penthorum chinense Pursh against alcohol-induced liver injury in mice check Full Text
Cao, Yi Wei 萬建波 2015 Master
P2P 網絡借貸的法律風險與規制 =Legal risk and regulation of P2P lending check Full Text
蔣東霖 范劍虹 2016 Master
PPP 協議案件的訴訟管轄問題研究 = Research on the jurisdiction of PPP agreements cases / check Full Text
麥嘉樂 稅兵 2020. Master
The politics of Cantonese language in China : from the collapse of tianxia to the construction of nation-state (1840-1929) /
Zhang Wei Feng 王笛, 1956- 2019 Master

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