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A test of social bond theory among Chinese drug users check Full Text
Cui, Shan 2016. Master
Perspectives of casino staff on anti-money laundering in Macau check Full Text
Wu, Qian Huai 2016. Master
Serial killers in the People's Republic of China : the origins underlying the serial killing check Full Text
Hu, Yi Ni 2016. Master
醫療與中國醫學法的發展 : 台灣醫學法規之個案研究
陳翔年 1988. Master
Sha Tau Kok villages : past, present and future
Cheung, Kwan Fong 1992. Master
Indon-Malaysia relations : a case study of regional conflict and resolution
Kam, Shing Pak 1989. Master
劉依道 1990. Master
Contemporary sociology of knowledge and social research
Liew, Yoo Kiang 1990. Master
譚錦標 1988. Master
The design and implementation of object management functions for web-based repository
Chao, Sam 1999. Master
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