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A study on the effect of using mobile instant messaging on organizational learning /
Chan Chon In Chan, Wing Han 2019 Master
Interaction between metabolism and signal transduction in cell fate determination of human embryonic stem cells /
Song Cheng Cheng Chen, Guo Kai 2019 Doctoral
Paracrine activity modulates cell microenvironment to influence mesoderm towards cardiomyocytes differentiation /
Yang Yang Chen, Guo Kai 2019 Doctoral
Keratinocyte differentiation and extracellular calcium modulation in human pluripotent stem cells /
Zhong Hui Chen, Guo Kai 2019 Doctoral
Plasmonic induced charge and energy transfer in nanostructures /
Li Yi Wen Chen, Rui 2019 Doctoral
Exploring risk and protective factors on weight stigma among Chinese women /
Wu Xiao Han Ching, Ho Hong 2019 Master
The effect of posting frequency and responsiveness of celebrity endorsers on perceived quality of endorsed products : a study on social media /
Ma Iat Cheng Chow, Wing Chi 2019 Master
Direito a privacidade em Macau : proteccao dos dados pessoais /
Cheong Hio Chong Correia, Paula Nunes 2016 Master
The influence of sport on managers : a case study in Macao /
Chan In Kun Cuervo, Javier Calero 2019 Master
The mediating role of community embeddedness on the relationship between cultural intelligence and turnover intention of Chinese expatriate construction professionals working in Africa /
Zhang Jin Po Cuervo, Javier Calero 2019 Master

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