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Comparativas em portugues e em chines
Hui, Jiang Casteleiro João Malaca 2000. Master
A aspectualidade na traducao das frases do Chines para o Portugues
Leong, Cheok I Casteleiro João Malaca 2006. Doctoral
Variáveis contextuais da aprendizagem da língua portuguesa por aprendentes chineses
Rodrigues, Maria Helena Casteleiro João Malaca 1998. Master
Water governance in a changing climate : adaptation strategy of EU water law
Li, Wen Jing Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2011. Master
European Union climate change policy and its impacts check Full Text
Ouyang, Mei Zhu Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2015. Master
Citizens' role in the EU's environmental governance check Full Text
Chen, Wen Wen Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2013. Master
Water privatization in the European Union : models and outstanding questions check Full Text
Cui, Ri Xing Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2016. Master
EU water law : the right balance between environmental and economic considerations?
Zhou, Jia Lei Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2005. Master
EU energy policy after the Treaty of Lisbon : breakthroughs, interfaces and opportunity
Zhu, Feng Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2012. Master
European Union law on the digital single market : the legal issues of transborder data flows on personal information check Full Text
Wu, Yang Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2020. Master
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