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Performance management in foreign investment enterprises and Chinese enterprises
Xiao, Jin Ming 2001. Master
Public housing policy in Macao : an evaluative study
Lam, Heng Leng 1999. Master
Proverbios em portugues e chines
Zhong, Yi 2000. Master
Public housing management in Hong Kong
Wong, Pak Kwan 1987. Master
Politica monetaria e taxa de cambio de Macau
Fung, Sio Weng 1996. Master
Principles of European Union water law
Shi, Feng 2007. Master
Perspectives of casino staff on anti-money laundering in Macau check Full Text
Wu, Qian Huai 2016. Master
Piracy in China
Chen, Ze Shang 2011. Master
Pay gap, internal control and overinvestment : based on listed firms in China check Full Text
Yu, Ke Xin 2020. Master
Preliminary study of corporate governance in Macao banking check Full Text
Lei, Sin San 2018. Master
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