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Phase transformations of duplex stainless steels and their use for strengthening cavitation erosion resistance / check Full Text
Ai, Wen Ji Lo, Kin Ho 2020. Doctoral
Post-fire residual mechanical and corrosion properties of a duplex stainless steel / check Full Text
Li, Xiang Lo, Kin Ho 2021. Doctoral
PCR and real-time PCR for identification and quantification of toxic cyanobacterialspecies and cyanotoxin-producing genotypes in Macau main storage reservoir / check Full Text
Zhang, Wei Ying Lou, In Chio 2014. Master
Public opinion on death penalty policy in China : a qualitative study of three capital cases / check Full Text
Zhou, Lu Lu, Melody Chia-Wen 2017. Master
Performance analysis of HARQ schemes operating over time correlated fading channels / check Full Text
Yang, Xuan Xuan Ma, Shao Dan 2014. Master
Passive localization in quasi-synchronous sensor networks with sensor uncertainty and Non-Line of-Sight measurements / check Full Text
Guo, Kai Chen Ma, Shao Dan 2017. Master
Passive localization in quasi-synchronous sensor networks / check Full Text
Wang, Yuan Ma, Shao Dan 2014. Master
Performance analysis and optimal design for spatially correlated massive MIMO systems / check Full Text
Zhang, Huan Ma, Shao Dan 2022. Doctoral
Power-efficient analog and digital frequency synthesizers in nanoscale CMOS / check Full Text
Yang, Shi Heng Mak, Pui-In 2019. Doctoral
Power-efficient and wideband WLAN transmitter techniques in nanoscale CMOS / check Full Text
Yu, Wei Han Mak, Pui-In 2017. Doctoral

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