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Marketing of professional services : a study of large accounting and legal firms in Hong Kong and Macau
Simoes, Bruno Shaw, David S. 1998. Master
Multinationals in Hong Kong : perceptions and problems in marketing consumer goods : an exploratory study
Pressentin, Thomas Shaw, David S. 1997. Master
Male and female's willingness-to-pay for wine for self-consumption versus gift-giving : a perceived social image perspective check Full Text
Liang, Li Min Si, Kao 2019. Master
Multi-threshold trend following in financial time series check Full Text
Liu, Jing Yuan Si, Yain Whar 2016. Master
Multi-source transfer learning for financial time series forecasting check Full Text
He, Qi Qiao Si, Yain Whar 2019. Master
Money laundering data analysis and visualization
Cheong, Tat Man Si, Yain Whar 2011. Master
MAS(LING) 000 (SAMPLE) Estrategias de autosselecao adotadas por alunos Chineses em interacoes de sala de aula de PLNM
Li, Pan Silva, Roberval Teixeira e 2016. Master
MAS 000 (SAMPLE) Construção de indentidades socioculturais no discurso de líderes de iniciativas de ensino de Português em igrejas evangélicas para imigrantes Chineses em São Paulo
Zhang, Xiang Silva, Roberval, Teixeira e 2018. Master
Macanese in the global network : a study of post-colonial Macanese cultural identity performance
Larrea Y Eusebio, Maria Elisabela Simpson, Timothy Alan 2008. Master
MA(CM) 000 (SAMPLE) The self-presentation of fans : the construction of identity through activities of SNH48 fan group
Lu, Sai Er Simpson, Timothy Alan 2018. Master
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