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Uma reflexão sobre a subjetividade do tradutor baseada na análise comparativa das traduções do Chinês para o Português de Qiu Ye, de Lu Xun check Full Text
Yang, Gen Di 姚京明 2019. Master
Urinary and secondary metabolomic insights into gut microbiota check Full Text
Yan, Zhi Xiang, 燕茹 2015. Doctoral
Uma reflexão sobre a tradução (de Chinês para Português) da obra Crónica de Um Vendedor de Sangue [Xu Sanguan Mai Xie Ji] : a lacuna cultural e a compensação de tradução check Full Text
Yan, Ming Zhang, Jing 2019. Master
Understanding evaluative acts in postgraduate thesis examination : a cross-linguistic study of hedges in examiners' reports check Full Text
Xu, Yi Qin, Juliet Corbett John 2017. Master
Use of small RNA-amphiphilic dendrimers to inhibit the development and progression of multiple types of cancer check Full Text
Xiong, Yun Fang Lee, Tsz On 2022. Doctoral
Urban crime and social disorganization in China : a study of three communities in Guangzhou
Xiong, Hai Yan Liu Jianhong 2012. Doctoral
Under the Belt and Road Initiative : impact of the China Railway Express on the trade of European countries along the route check Full Text
Xiang, Zi Hua Lei, Chun Kwok 2021. Master
Um estudo sobre a traducao de cartazes referentes aos eventos culturais de Macau com base na teoria funcionalista de nord check Full Text
Wu, Shuang 姚京明 2018. Master
Understanding taxi overcharging in Macau : a criminological theory of casinoization check Full Text
Wong, Wai Kin 徐建華 2020. Master
UHF RFID tag array communication and its application to motion monitoring check Full Text
Wong, Si Man Tam, Kam Weng 2020. Master
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