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Insecure-type attachment and the perceived romantic quality : the moderating effect of friendship intimacy check Full Text
Yu, Han Yan 陳薇文 2019. Master
Is childhood obesity influenced by advertising? : exploring the influences of parental, peer and individual factors by reviewing literature check Full Text
Yu, Fei Chang, Wen Yu 2014. Master
Immunomodulatory oligo-glucomannans check Full Text
Yin, Xiao Yu 王春明 2020. Master
Impact of victim-offender relationship and gender of defendant on sentencing outcomes : evidence from homicide cases in China
Ye, Li Li Cai, Tian Ji 2023. Master
Intelligent control, decision-making and diagnosis for robotic breast ultrasound systems
Yao, Liang Wong, Pak Kin 2023. Doctoral
Innovation and development strategy of the pharmaceutical industry in China check Full Text
Yao, Dong Ning 王一濤 2020. Doctoral
Imagens de Macau nos olhares dos escritores da Rota das Letras = Images of Macau in the eyes of writers of The Script Road
Yao, Di 姚京明 2023. Doctoral
Impact of finance companies on the related publicly-listed companies' cash management check Full Text
Yang, Zheng 2015. Master
Idiosyncratic volatility and the cross-section of corporate bond return in China check Full Text
Yang, Yu Qi Ren, Jin Juan 2021. Master
Improving user interactive functions of online shops through interactive 3D shops check Full Text
Yang, Ying Chen Guo, Jing Zhi 2022. Master
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