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Intangible cultural heritage in the People's Republic of China : the example of the Miao nationality
Zhuo, Jing Neuwirth Rostam J. 2011. Master
Interpreting the "symbolic reality" : fantasy theme analysis of the global debate on Mo Yan's winning Nobel Prize in Literature check Full Text
Zhu, Wen Bo 吳玫 2014. Master
Investigation of a novel approach in controlling pipeline mineral scale deposition check Full Text
Zhu, Jia Yao Zhang, Ping 2021. Master
Identification of disease-associated microRNAs check Full Text
Zhu, Hong Mei Lee, Ming-Yuen 2022. Doctoral
Investigation on EPC method for the PDF solutions of some nonlinear stochastic oscillators with poisson excitations
Zhu, Hai Tao Iu, Vai Pan 2009. Doctoral
Investigation of shear lag effects on welded steel tension members
Zhu, Hai Tao Iu, Vai Pan 2005. Master
Internet civic engagement : a case study of online forums in Macao
Zhou, Yue Li, Xiao Qin 2010. Master
Investigating the hidden curriculum in L2 writing classrooms : a multiple case study
Zhou, Yu Yu, Shu Lin 2023. Doctoral
Intellectual property rights protection of entertainment industry in cyberspace
Zhou, Yi Fan Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2017. Master
Interpreting Chinese culture-specific items : an analysis from the perspective of the interpretive theory check Full Text
Zhou, Yi Ding Venkatesan, Hari 2016. Master
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